St. Patrick’s Day: Fun gift ideas for your St Patrick’s Day shopping enjoyment

Finding an appropriate Irish gift isn’t an easy job. Here are some last minute gift ideas that will save you this St. Patrick’s day!


A personal touch in a gift makes the gift a life-long preservation. Adding a picture of a fond memory in a frame is a lovely gift idea. Get a frame that is related to St. Patrick’s day. A green and white frame will be a classic. Another option is to go for something clover shaped. If these options don’t appeal to you, you can buy a basic frame and insert a picture from a previous St. Patrick’s day.


You can never go wrong with coasters. They’re also highly useful gifts for the receiver. Get marble coasters, they are easily available. Otherwise, cute designs in other materials can also be bought. One convenience with coasters is that they come in all prices so there is no issue of budget.

Customized snacks

Getting a gift that you can eat is a win-win. Order special cookies that are shaped like a clover. You can also get cupcakes with green frosting. Decorated rice cakes are yet another delicious gift idea. If you can’t decide on one thing, you can always go for a snack basket. Pack together a couple of green drinks and eatables. Arrange and decorate a basket for your loved one.

Beer glasses

What is an Irish gift without some connection with beer? If simplicity is your jam, get a set of basic beer glasses. Otherwise, something with clovers can also be bought. Some places also offer customized beer glasses. You can get the recipient’s initials or name printed on the glasses for a special feel.


Jewelry is an evergreen gift. You can gift it to anyone and they’ll love it. Get regular jewelry customized by adding a green stone. For luxury gifts, opt for an emerald stone. You can also go for clover shaped jewelry pieces.


An Irish Aran patterned throw is a traditional gift with cultural value too. You can get them in different colors and sizes. A throw will serve as a  constant reminder of you for the recipient. It can be used to chill on the sofas in the evenings or as an addition on top of couches. If possible, can the recipient’s name or initials printed on the throw for a personal touch.

Serving dish

For your baking enthusiast friends, get a baking or serving dish. For St. Patrick’s day, the traditional Irish soda bread is a favorite. The recipient can use this dish for baking or serving the bread on St. Patrick’s day. It isn’t an expensive option either. Get whatever size or type that fits your budget.

Now that you have a list of good gift ideas, the final step is to find these gifts. Head over to to find all these items at discounted prices. Now you’ll have a great gift to give someone without having to splurge! List Accent 6