Setting Goals for the New Year 2019– Time for New Year Resolutions

The end of the year brings the most wonderful time. It is the holiday season, which means a break from the hectic grind of regular life, meeting loved ones, relaxing at home, enjoying Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, buy and receive gifts, and just bust stress that has accumulated over the year.

On the other hand, it is also a time to reflect. A New Year is coming and it means you have an opportunity to start again and be a better version of yourself. Many people avoid making New Year resolutions in the apprehension that they are ultimately not going to follow them through. But these resolutions are also about motivation and hope. Everyone should definitely have some kind of goal setting for the upcoming year.

If most the typical goals of losing weight and earning more money frustrate you, then you should know that there are still plenty of other amazing things to achieve in life. In this article, we talk about some unique goals you can set for the New Year:

Eating Healthy

No! You don’t have to focus on either losing or gaining weight. You are simply going to focus on eating well. We have to admit that we eat a lot of unhealthy food. Unnatural sugars, processed food, lack of water, not enough fruit, etc.  List your bad eating habits and make a resolution to address them one by one.


We live such hectic lives that self-care is a concept long forgotten. We don’t notice our poor conditions until we are actually forced to. Don’t let this happen in the coming year. Make a schedule of how you are going to pamper yourself. Getting a haircut every 6 months, regularly moisturizing your skin, treating yourself to a spa once a month; you name it. There are endless self-care opportunities just waiting to happen.

Mental Health

Apart from your physical health, your mental well-being is as important. If you suffer from a serious mental health issue, then make a resolution to seek help or at least discuss it with some your trust the coming year. You should also do the regular things keep your mental health managed. For example, telling yourself positive things every day, reading a book at night, doing something you love, etc.

Do Something for Others

It is not a myth when experts say that doing good things for others makes oneself happy. This upcoming year, plan to help more people around you so you can feel rewarded.

Keep a Journal

Whether you are a writer or not, you can manage to keep a personal journal. Express yourself in any way you can. Maybe you just doodle every day but it can be an incredibly healthy and mind-stimulating activity to keep a small journal.

Each New Year is a new beginning. It may not be as cool as a reset button on life but it is still an opportunity to start fresh.