Gas Grills vs. Charcoal Grills, Which Ones are the Best?

People who love hosting BBQ parties are often in a dilemma when buying the grill. They have to take this toughest decision whether to buy charcoal grill or gas grill. However, this decision can now be made easily as we have the perfect gas grills vs. charcoal grills comparison here. Continue reading to know which grill is better:

If you are among the impatient ones, go for gas grills. Charcoal grills usually take more time to cook meat as compared to gas grills. It can take almost 20 minutes for the cooking temperature to be set on a charcoal grill. However, the same is not the case with gas grills. Apart from that, meat can cook quickly on gas grills as compared to charcoal grills.

When it comes to affordability, charcoal grills score over gas grills. However, some charcoal grills, depending on their size and type, may prove to be costly. Normally, the price of charcoal grills ranges between $30 and $300 depending on their size, type, and numerous other features. On the other hand, prices of gas grills can reach up to $1,000. Their price typically depends on the number of burners and features they offer.

The best part of gas grills is the convenience they offer. There is no need to wait for 20 minutes to heat the grill and place the meat on it. All you have to do is to start the grill and it will be heated in a matter of a few minutes.

Cleaning Hassles
There are no cleaning hassles when it comes to gas grills. However, the same can prove to be a big hassle if you have a charcoal grill. Similarly, maintenance of gas grills is also easy as compared to their counterparts. In addition to that, there will be no issue of dumping ashes if a gas grill is your selection.

Smoky Flavor
This is where charcoal grills win over gas grills that too by a huge margin. The authentic flavor of BBQ can only be obtained if you are using a charcoal grill. All the drawbacks of charcoal grills are covered with this single feature. The aroma and flavor, a charcoal grill gives to the meat, is definitely unmatched. Modern gas grills come with smoker box that helps to give a similar flavor; however, it still doesn’t match up to the authentic flavor given by charcoal grills.

Charcoal grills are portable and so are gas grills. What’s the difference here you ask? There is a particular type of gas grill that isn’t portable. If you are opting for gas grills natural gas burner because of its affordability and convenience, you may miss out on the portability feature. These burners are installed permanently; therefore, can’t be moved anywhere. With charcoal grills, there is no such issue associated with any of their types.

A Final Word
Going through all these features, gas grills are the clear winners. However, if you are fond of the authentic flavor in your BBQ, go for charcoal grills. The effort you will put in cooking and cleaning is surely going to prove worthy of authentic taste you will get.