Easter: Super fashion ideas to renew your entire wardrobe for Spring Time

It’s spring and Easter is just around the corner. One fun part of any holiday is dressing up. These fashion ideas will not just help you through Easter, but will also set your wardrobe for the spring season.

Tie dye tops

Bold clothes and bright colors are always suitable for springtime. But, this time around, it’s not just plain colors. Tie dye will be very in fashion. Get a tie dye top in your favorite colors. If you’re not feeling very confident and consider this a bold step, go for muted colored tie dye. Dresses, t-shirts, pants or cardigans, whatever you buy, get one with a tie dye print.


Spring is the announcement of the upcoming summer. While you wait for the sunny days to approach, rock some shorts. This spring season, all kinds of shorts will make a statement for everyone. Girls will be seen rocking baggy, knee-length shorts. You’ll find them in unique materials and colors. Navy blue satin, dark green cotton, and what not! It may take some courage to wear these out in public but if done with the right attitude, you’ll definitely be turning some heads in awe!


Loose trousers, culottes, and other trouser styles have been around for a while now. The trend will continue in the spring of 2019. You will find a few new tailored designs. Comfort and ease will be the new style. The upcoming styles have a more formal look, like the pants of a suit. They will give you a put together look without looking overdressed. Of course, comfort will never be compromised. Midi-length and high rise trousers will be out of fashion.


Layered style tops and dresses will be very trendy this spring. Full length dresses with multiple cloths layered together, ruffles, and other such designs that put together more than one types of cloth together are the new style.


It’s all about being cute but trendy. This spring season, bows are the extra addition that will make you look up to date. Whether those are bows on your head, on your shoes or on your clothes. Tie a bow using a belt around a baggy shirt. You can incorporate a bow badge on your basic tops.  

Asymmetric pieces

Skirts with a longer back and shorter front are a clothing piece that you will get a lot of use out of. Similarly, asymmetrical trousers or pants that have one leg shorter than the other will be the same. Such items will serve as a statement piece that will amp up your basic outfit. You can wear basic tops and shoes with such bottoms. Dresses and shirts also incorporate this style by offering one sleeve while the other side is sleeveless. Some tops are longer on one side or on the back. Such differently styled pieces will be a style statement this spring.

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