Cyber Monday – The Biggest Online Shopping Day of the Year

Online shopping has become a new trend among the masses. It is not just convenient but increases the variety of options and much can be bought at discounted prices. If you think going to a mall is all about exploring what the world has to offer in terms of brands and otherwise, then run a simple search online for a particular item you need. It sure is overwhelming but exciting at the same time.

While online shopping has great things to offer throughout the year, there are some specific times when it is the best experience you can ever get. And Cyber Monday is one of them.

What is Cyber Monday?

When the holiday season comes around, it is not just the most wonderful time of the year in real life but in the digital world too. The season brings a lot of special offers and discounted deals throughout the online shopping world. People are more likely to start shopping for Christmas just around Thanksgiving and it was soon discovered that the Monday after Thanksgiving happened to be the day when people did the most shopping online. This research was conducted in 2004 and the term Cyber Monday came into being in 2005. It has now become a popular marketing trend that is used to drive online sales by offering immense discounts and promotions. In 2017, Cyber Monday recorded a whopping $6.59 billion worth of sales.

Where is Cyber Monday Celebrated?

Online trends have the tendency to spread fast and wide. And Cyber Monday has been no different. Apart from major countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and UAE, it is also well-celebrated in Uganda, Portugal, Peru, Argentina, Romania, and more.

Tips for Cyber Monday

If you are planning to not miss out on this year’s Cyber Monday, then you should know that it will be the November 26th. Furthermore, here are a few tips so you can make the most out of this digital shopping festival:

  • To start out, you should have a well-thought shopping plan. Make a list of things that have been in your wish list and search them online. Know their original prices so you would know what kind of bargain will be good on Cyber Monday
  • Timing is quite important. Many brands offer a certain deal for only a specific period of time. Therefore, ensure that you don’t miss the provided window of time. Certain times of the day are also more lucrative in terms of steep discounts. For example, mornings have been known to be better for making the best out of the offered deals
  • Don’t get swayed by big discounts only to be burdened by shipping costs and taxes. Beware of such hidden charges to truly get the best discounted deal

Hope you are all set for this year’s Cyber Monday. Make your lists and be prepared to search properly so you have access to the very best.